Haori Technology attended 2017 VR & AR Asia fair



In order to promote the rapid development of AR & VR industry in China and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation,2017, AR & VR Asia Expo was held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 8 to March 11. The aim of this fair is to exhibit advanced AR & VR hardware devices, sensing devices, holographic technologies and other products. It provided the industry a platform for economic cooperation and product exchange. Virtual Reality (and Augmented Reality) is the hottest feather in recent years and is another revolutionary product after the smartphone. The National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Culture and other departments have issued red documents to encourage industrial innovation and development. As a leader of Augmented reality technology, Haori further deepened its efforts in the field of AR and developed a head-mounted AR peripheral and configuration software related Haori Mirror, and create the first AR content platform in China.

Haori Mirror, the first commercial AR box, is developed by Shenzhen Haori Technology Co,. Ltd. It adopts brand-new optical structure and has obtained the national innovation patent. It presents you a magical virtual world in reality, breaking the boundary between virtual and reality. With Haori Mirror, you can experience shock holographic effect, enjoy wonderful visual feast and interact with virtual content. To combine with specific content, it can be used for entertainment, education, tourism, E-commerce and design.



Hao Ri Technology debut in Asia VR & AR Expo won the Hong Kong Satellite TV coverage

Detail link:http://www.hkstv.tv/index/detail/id/49749/category/10.html

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